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Introducing OE Range! The Gap is Filled!

AMSOIL fulfills customer & dealer request by introducing the long awaited OEM drain interval motor oils for gasoline engines.

AMSOIL OE is a new product range introduced in October 2010. OE stands for "Original Equipment", it is designed as a direct replacement for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) oils.

Today, 92% of synthetic motor oil market is satisfied by "regular drain" or OEM suggested drain interval synthetic motor oils. OEM type oils are popular due to lower initial cost, no concerns about new car warranty, customer's preference to stick with OEM recommendations & the installer market (quick lube centers) request OEM type oils over "extended drain" motor oils.

AMSOIL Now Offers Superior Alternatives in Every Segment!
Shop NowUntil now, AMSOIL the pioneer in "extended drain" interval motor oils did not offer high quality alternatives to "regular drain" oils such as Mobil 1, Castrol Syntec etc. On the other hand, automotive manufacturers are increasing standards, specifications & drain interval requirements for OEM motor oils. Both combined makes it compelling to introduce a line of very high quality synthetic oils to fulfill OEM specifications, drain intervals & customer request at an affordable price.

Shop NowAMSOIL now offers you superior alternatives to conventional brand name products. AMSOIL OE Series Motor Oils outperforms & replaces all regular drain interval synthetic (& non synthetic) oils such as Castrol Edge Syntec, Castrol Syntec Blend, Castrol GTX SynBlend, Mobil 1 SuperSyn, Mobil 1 High Mileage etc.

AMSOIL OE is API SN certified, ILSAC GL-5 & recommended for GM Dexos1 applications. AMSOIL OE oils can be used exactly as specified by the owners manual or oil monitoring system.

Now everyone can move up to AMSOIL quality & protection! OE range is offered in 5w20, 5w30 & 10w30 viscosities for gasoline engines.

Synthetic Lubricants Overview

Synthetic lubricants are becoming the preferred choice & they are recognized for its performance advantage, in theory synthetic lubricants provide much higher wear protection than conventional mineral oil lubricants. 38 years back when synthetic lubricants were only known to aviation and aerospace industry, AMSOIL was the first company to develop and launch the World's first API certified 100% synthetic motor oil for passenger and commercial vehicles.

AMSOIL is "The First in Synthetics" and also the first in quality, protection and performance. AMSOIL is the only company in the world to own trademark rights to "The First in Synthetics".

Shop NowAMSOIL is a ISO 9001:2008 company, an undisputed leader in manufacturing the widest range of the highest quality synthetic lubricants in the world. Our product offering ranges from small engine application all the way to heavy industrial & bio-degradable lubricants.

Today, virtually every other motor oil manufacturer has recognized the superiority of synthetic lubricants and has followed the AMSOIL lead by introducing synthetic motor oils of their own, however not all synthetic lubricants are manufactured equally, in most cases they are Group III Hydroisomerized petroleum oils, marketed as 100% synthetic oil under a new law. Millions of dollars are spent on advertisement for these "new" and "revolutionary" products. No one, however, can match AMSOIL experience and technological know-how. And no company in the world delivers products like AMSOIL. In fact AMSOIL is the only company to publish Comparative Motor Oil Test Results to the public as an evidence that no company matches with our technology & experience as a synthetic lubricant manufacturer.

Move up to AMSOIL! Petroleum motor oil's film strength is about 400 psi where as AMSOIL lubricants film strength is about 3300 psi and does not break down, shear or loose viscosity under heat and stress. Petroleum motor oil breaks down under heat and stress and leaves carbon, varnish and sludge deposits in the engine and allows critical engine components to wear much more rapidly.

We are your one stop source for world's best ultra premium Synthetic Motor Oil and filtration products, which outperforms just about any other competing products like Mobil 1, Quaker State, Pennzoil, Castrol syntec, Royal Purple, Red Line, Motul and every other synthetic and conventional petroleum motor oil in the world. See the ASTM test results and learn the facts.

AMSOIL saves you time and money through extended drain technology.

A Commitment to Excellence - AMSOIL History

About the Founder of AMSOIL Lieutenant Colonel Albert J. Amatuzio: As a jet fighter squadron commander Lieutenant Colonel Albert J. Amatuzio had ample opportunity to witness synthetic lubricants in action. These oils are used exclusively in jet engines because of three extraordinary performance characteristics: an ability to reduce friction and wear on engine components, an ability to function dependably at severe temperature extremes and an ability to withstand rigorous and lengthy engine operation without chemical breakdown.

Shop NowRecognizing that these same benefits would prove invaluable in automotive engines, Amatuzio began conducting serious research in 1963. By 1966 he had formulated a synthetic motor oil and put it to use in vehicles in northern Minnesota. Throughout the late 60s Amatuzio continued his research and development and sold commercially available synthetic oils under a variety of names.

In 1970 he incorporated his own name into a commercially sold product called AMMOIL. In 1971 this product name was changed to AMZOIL and it continued to be sold commercially. The true milestone came in 1972 when AMZOIL became the first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet American Petroleum Institute criteria. The new lubricant performed like no other before it. When the first can appeared on the market in 1972, it signaled the birth of an entire industry. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants have expanded the boundaries of lubrication science and redefined the performance possibilities of modern machinery and engines.

Know the Facts - AMSOIL Saves You Money!

Know the Facts - AMSOIL Saves You Money!

Shop NowAMSOIL extended drain intervals means fewer oil changes, long term savings and convenience. Even if you drive only 12,000 miles (20,000 kms) per year, the cost for AMSOIL motor oil is still less than you pay for petroleum oil now!

And you still get better wear protection, lower engine temperatures, improved fuel efficiency and easier cold-weather starts. All of these benefits add up to reduced operating costs and longer engine life.

Change your oil and filter today and in 12 months change it again. Thats it! What could be more convenient, while providing far superior protection for your vehicle?

Studies estimate savings of $106.25/year, when AMSOIL extended drain motor oil is used in a vehicle with 5 quart system that covers 25,000 miles/year. Even if you drive only 12,000 miles per year, the cost for AMSOIL motor oil is still less than you will pay for petroleum oil. It simply pays to use AMSOIL!

Better Fuel Economy!

Order NowFuel economy is becoming more important with each passing year. Gas and diesel prices keep rising, putting a major strain on businesses that rely on vehicles and heavy equipment in their daily operations.

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants improve fuel economy by allowing moving parts to move more freely, using less energy and creating less friction than when conventional lubricants are used.

The use of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil, gear lubes & transmission fluids can have a profound impact on fuel economy. Industry tests demonstrate an average conservative decrease in fuel consumption by two to five percent by switching to synthetic lubricants. However, AMSOIL customers report even larger gains in fuel economy since AMSOIL lubricants provide greater lubricity (slipperiness) under broad operating conditions.

Move Upto AMSOIL

The Right Choice for the Environment!

Shop NowMessages on the importance of being “green” and erasing our carbon footprints are everywhere these days. Consumers are becoming increasingly more conscious about how the purchasing decisions they make impact the environment. On the other hand, worries over rising costs of everyday purchases (fuel, groceries, etc.) have consumers scrambling to find a product they can feel good about that won't break the bank.

Move up to AMSOIL! Since the introduction of the world’s first synthetic motor oil, AMSOIL synthetic lubricants have been setting new standards for motor oil quality. They are specially designed to protect engine components, reduce emissions, last longer, reduce fuel consumption and prevent environmental pollution. From the beginning, AMSOIL synthetic motor oils have outperformed conventional petroleum motor oils on all counts.

AMSOIL INC. has been dedicated to helping reduce negative impacts on the environment. AMSOIL was the first to recommend 25,000-mile/one-year drain intervals. By safely extending drain intervals, AMSOIL synthetic lubricants dramatically cut the amount of oil consumed and emissions produced. This is not a new fad that AMSOIL is jumping on board with; it is the way AMSOIL has always operated.

In addition to the extended drain intervals, AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are specially designed to protect engine components, extending the life of the engine and reducing the need for replacing engine parts. They are also thermally stable with a strong resistance to high temperature volatility (burn-off), preventing sludge deposits and keeping engines clean. Low volatility and clean operation reduce oil consumption and emissions.

The advanced lubricity (slipperiness) of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants has also been proven to increase fuel economy. This reduces dependency on foreign oil and overall fuel consumption. The resulting improvement in fuel efficiency and reduction of emission levels contribute to the conservation of natural resources and protection of the atmosphere.

AMSOIL INC. doesn't just leave the responsibilities of environmental protection to the products; the company itself is diligent in making efforts to keeping the earth clean. AMSOIL recycles virtually 100 percent of the corrugated trays and packaging boxes that come into its facilities, equaling several tons of recycled cardboard each month. All used steel drums and all “clean” plastic bottles are also recycled.

AMSOIL INC. is determined to continue to set the bar high for the lubrication industry across the board, including with regards to environmental responsibilities. Our long-standing quality products lead the way to a greener, healthier planet for all. is located in Wylie Texas and is a New Up coming dealer covering Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Lousiana, and beyond.  Providing The best motor oil for your car and other lubrication needs.